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Q & A

Product Choice

It's a bit confusing. We get it! So we have a whole page dedicated to quickly showing the perfect model for you.

We can also make a recommendation depending on your phone/bike combination. Please either please contact us through the contact form, or send a photo of your handlebars to

We are often asked is a certain model of Bike Tie will fit a certain model of phone. We have tested a lot of phones, but beyond the screen size recommendations for each Bike Tie, we are not able to know if particular model phones will have buttons, or camera, etc obstructed. You can try to ask us through our contact form, but we can't guarantee we will know.

Shipping and Returns

If you are in the UK, free!

For other countries, please ask us through the contact form.

We warranty all products for one year. If you have a problem, please contact us through the contact form. If you have the order number please pop it in there too.

All the blurb is on our Refund Policy page, but essentially you have 30 days. If you have any specific questions, shoot us a message through our contact form.